From left: Senator Peter Lindsay MP and the
Townsville based media artist and innovator
Ture Sjolander, Friday 20 May, 2005
The Townsville based media artist and innovator Ture Sjolander presented on Friday 20 May a proposal of an extensive construction of a National Museum/Gallery for North Queensland to be established in Townsville, at the Kissing Point(area BThe picture at the left, illustrate a cost estimation, only. Similar to the Townsville Entertainment Center.

The proposal of a National Museum for North Queensland for a permanent display of the arts and North Queensland's history,  highly estimated by senator Peter Lindsay MP.

Further discussion will soon take place and a research into the regions rich cultural treasures, between Mackay and Torres Strait, will be the subject for further evaluation and  proceeding  of this great National and regional project.
Comment 23 November 2005.
Actually, there is no need for a further study, its all too obvious. - Ture Sjolander
Statement 25 May 2005
by Senator Peter Lindsay MP
"I believe your concept has real merit"
" a reality " - " all the best in the future "
Alternative location
to Kissing Point for the Military/War Museum
in Townsville:
incl. accommodations/resorts
Federal  Project  and  Commonwealth  Government  Finance  for  the vast Northern region of  Queensland
The  Multi purpose Museum
North Queensland Gallery equal to Brisbane
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The National Trust of Queensland about Jezzine Barracks - Kissing Point headland.
The Trust's  submission written by vice-president  Dr. Diane Menghetti,  released, October 21 2005.

"The Queensland National Trust considers that Jezzine Barracks, including Kissing Point, is a
place of importance at local, state, national and international levels, and that it has very high
social and community values.
It should therefore be conserved and most of it kept in public hands in perpetuity."

"Area B should be recreational space and a Museum." she said !
Bird Flu 2005
Draft Option
North Queensland is in a urgent need of a major museum/gallery  for permanent
display of the regions broad/diverse and rich history, including contemporary arts.
This is a Formal Submission
Jezzine Plan
Draft Option 2005 - 2006
But also a bold proposal how to develop Townsville City.
Proposal for Area B - Sample of Cost estimation (Townsville Entertainment Center Townsville)
The plan for ahead a Symbol for the future in N QLD
The Regional Art galleries in Cairns and Townsville and other places are full of treasures never displayed and need a permanent place. The northern region of Queensland in general, have a lot of important material in urgent need for permanent display. Jezzine Barracks -museum- should not be limited for War relics. The rich history of North and the present life is essential, and our future.
Not only Magnetic Island need the international tourism. Townsville City has to improve the visitors and the locals need for quality time in the city and a huge of national standard in North Queensland is the ultimate answer. At the end of the beautifully upgraded "Strand Walk" is obviously the only natural place.
- Ture Sjolander.
Contemporary Arts is neglected in Townsville
"Talking to the dead and the ' born and bred ', keep me alive" - Ture Sjolander 2006
like the Entertainment center is out of date
Townsville Bulletin 11 December 2005
The Fort - Magnetic Island
all options in one overall design
a State project not a Townsville City Council project
The remaining military bunkers and the present military museum is a "build-in part",as a shrine
in the underground of the new large waterfront construction of the North Queensland Gallery.

- Ture Sjolander Dec. 2005 Published Bulletin.
The separate entrance-hall to the Military Shrine in the Gallery
a bunker is a bunker is a bunker
and ALL the present three options for the future use of the Jezzine Barracks Site can easily be hosted under one umbrella- plan at the Kissing Point headland in Townsville without any dispute or problems, rather the opposite. It should be a magnificient final design, any architect-team would dream about and a State-of-Art project state-wise and nationally.
just another tribal ego provocation
all under one "roof" and in harmony
...all the present three options under one "roof"...
This is NOT a City Council
It is a Federal and State project
entirely !
As one can allow a 19 storey building in the
city of Townsville
with built-in customers for the new Woolworths shopping center there would be no problems to build a new waterfront five star hotel, incl. residence for the army (left), next to the new
Jezzine Cultural Centre
at Kissing Point (right)
Waterfront at Kissing Point - not bad at all !
"Everything is for sale, it is only
a matter of price"
Vainglory - Ture Sjolander
Mooney and Money and recreational parkland to stroll on at  Pallarenda etc
A high rise development including defence housing and general residentials maximises land preservation and conservation.
(Highrise is inevitable as the Future is Now)
Have a look at the extraordinary views from the Museums ground floor. Click Here
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The first impartial
review of the proposal
by the court reporter
Malcolm Weatherup
Townsville Bulletin
24 december 2005

Minimum Broadband reguired
Malcolm Weatherup's Proposal for Kissing Point. Future Barracks: 2 x 30 storeys LINK TO FURTHER SEDUCTIONS CLICK ON THE PICTURES !
magnetictimes magnetic island news 2006
Not to forget !  Townsville on the World map.

The Townsville City Mall has to be changed, and will be changed and shall be changed, as a result of that Townsville is running out of land the business in town will do the suffer. People who wanna live in the past, present and in the future would be given an opportunity to do so.
"THE MALL", including all the surrounding heritages  structures/buildings on the both lines
(from Stanley to Denham St.) could be build-in to a giant indoors "shopping-world", with aircondition all the way and 6 main large  entrances/exits, closing at late night. That would be the  most recognized business mall,  not only in the Townsville region but in North Queensland. In my mind it is a very beautiful concept and I would be more than  happy to present a simple draft and cost estimation how it would be created. The whole Mall in a "box" of mainly glass, steel and aluminium, with  full daylight.                       
                                     (2 Jan.2006 - Ture Sjolander)
Was Dr. Konrad Lorenz born in Townsville ?
Revision and final
words 3 Jan 2006
Keep the whole Lot (Jezzine Barracks and Kissing Point) and make a military  Hightech Defence Research Center.
The strategic location is ideal.

Sell the Townsville City Mall to the highest bidder.

The Defence Department have study my proposal a number of times.
Thanks and goodbye,
-Ture Sjolander - 3 Jan. 06.
challenged us
with a bold vision..

The Tropical Hell
with Aircond

Townsville Year 2035.
The Super-Dome in Townsville Year 2035
The Flinders Mall Disaster 2006
Discover the Present and look into the Future and don't be Evil.      LAST WORD   22 Jan.-06
So what was the News here:
Aircond-Mall, New Parking idea and
Defence Department keeping the Lot.
      Sense Moral:Thats worth Credit !
Dr. Professor Nano Closet-Bigot.
The "Beacon" to South East
addendum The $ 1 Question (too much, The City Council will be bankrupt)
Solar Energy to the Aircond Flinders Mall
2 First drafts over Parking on Ross Creek
with Solar Energy from the roof  into  the Aircond Flinders Mall.
Stage One: 500 Cars
Stage Two: 1000 Cars
Office of the Mayor
Townsville City Council
Queensland 4810

Mr. Ture Sjolander
Townsville QLD 4819

Dear Mr. Sjolander,

I am writing to you to thank you for your support in helping to save Kissing Point and Jezzine Barracks, and invite you to a community meeting to consider the issue.

The Department of Defence has said it favours a plan to develop a large number of homes and units on this important part of Townsville's history. The Department has refused to listen to our community's calls to set up and fund a trust to manage the area on behalf of the community, similar to the trust established to manage the former Defence land at Point Nepean in Victoria.

At Point Nepean, on Sydney Harbour, and Pooh Corner in Brisbane, the Federal Government planned to sell off Defence lands until community opposition forced the Government to back down and agree to preserve the sites in public hands. It's not too late to convince Canberra the area should be protected.

The Kissing Point and Jezzine Alliance believes that Townsville should be treated in the same way as other parts of Australia, not ignored as has too often happened in the past.

I have contacted the community leaders who led the campaigns to save Point Nepean and Pooh Corner to lend us support. They have agreed to come to Townsville and so I invite you to a meeting to hear from them:

Venue: Townsville Civic Theatre, 41 Boundary St South Townsville
Date:    Sunday 26 February 2006
Time:    2.00 pm
RSVP:  Essential for seating and catering by calling 47279213 or email

This important community event will be followed by tea and coffee with guest speakers and Alliance members.

I thank you for your support to help save Kissing Point and Jezzine Barracks. If you have any question please don't hesitate to call Council's Policy Officer,
Mr Stephen Blair, on (07) 4727 9206.

Yours sincerely
Tony Mooney
Mayor of Townsville
To the Mayor of Townsville
Mr. Tony Mooney
Townsville City Council
Qld 4810

15 February 2006
Dear Mr. Mayor,
Thanks  very much for the invitation I recieved today, to the meeting at Townsville Civic Theatre, Sunday 26 February at 2:00 pm.
I am sorry to tell you that I am not able to attend the meeting, and as I understand,  you have not noticed my view on this issue, already presented to you and  your council by email, or that you rather refused to listen to the views I have made public on the Internet and in the local newspaper since the beginning of 2006.
To make it short; The example you are giving refering to Point Nepean and Pooh Corner occured before the present government did not have the majority in the Senate and my personal view is that the Kissing Point and Jezzine Barracks wholly stay in the Federal Government's hands for further use for the Department of Defence.
It can still partly be a public successful area and partly managed by the Townsville City Community. For further information my personal reflexions are presented as below in my website. Feel free to print it out and use the material for your meeting on Sunday 26, and in a democratic order let the guest speakers take part of my views.
Ture Sjolander
Qld 4819
PS/ I am also convinced that the Federal Government would be as good "preservation manager" for the "historic site" as the Townsville City Council would be and also with regard to the "protection" aspects of the whole site. Conclusion and moral sense: I support the Federal Government to keep it and in that way, "save" it.

cc: Department of Defence
Attention: This Site require Broadband and 1024 x 760 standard screen to view.
It's an insult to National Security  to let this land go... last updated: July 2, 2009
Making History is better than to use history as a daggerMaking History is better than to use history as a dagger
Making History is better than to use history as a daggerMaking History is better than to use history as a daggerMaking History is better than to use history as a dagger
Making History is better than to use history as a daggerMaking History is better than to use history as a dagger
The Art of Politics 2006
Message to Peter Lindsay MP:
Future Wars may be Cyber Wars and the "Kissing Point"  is:
Let Jezzine Barracks as whole stay in the hands of the Federal Government  2008 for a new High-Tech development center within the Australian Defence Force. - Ture Sjolander
A "Cultural Historic Heritage" can be respected and manifested and expressed in many different ways.
and Freedom of the Seas around Balding Bay Magnetic Island Townsville
Confetti for The Freedom of the Seas
Sea Temple by the artist Ture Sjolander
Ture Sjolander Proudly Present the New Townsville
All Pictures Copyright: Ture Sjolander 2006
Picture of  and by Ture Sjolander 2006
Statement 25 May 2005
by Senator Peter Lindsay MP
"I believe your concept has real merit"
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Nuke Plants on Palm Island and Magnetic Island  2007
Reality Bites DreamTime
"Australia United, No States...
or hundred More...?
Couple of Thoughts
or Pair in Shoes." - Nelson Mandela
"Saint Nuke"  Ture Sjolander July 2006
Evening at Horseshoe Bay the shortest day 2006 "Solstice"
Prime Minister  John Howard  to announce the future  of Jezzine Barracks  today,  Tuesday 1 August  2006.
A decisive engagement in  time of an early election.
"Mr Howard will make a very wideranging statement about the
future of defence elements in Townsville.  I think the community
are going to be delighted"   - Federal Liberal MP Peter Lindsay.
The Art of Politics 2007 Left: MP Peter Lindsay and Ture Sjolander
A Magpie at Hotel Ibis
" I am not going to play petty politics on this matter" - Ture Sjolander

"not a question of anybody being snubbed"
...and yet, it's still possible on the left over land
Historic Document.
Very Last Up-Date !
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"Spin King" Peter Lindsay, MP have a solution
The Web Lice 2007
Is Kevin Rudd an "age-fascist" ?
and will intellectual cosmetic teasing help him?
"It's going to be a national museum..."
The "World class National Museum"
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Murdoch's Interview with
Ture Sjolander 29 January
1992 about Sjolander's
$ 10.000 Grant from The
Premier of Queensland
Your Volume
and listen
to this
Message to Peter Lindsay MP:
Future Wars may be Cyber Wars and the "Kissing Point"  is:
Let Jezzine Barracks as whole stay in the hands of the Federal Government  2008 for a new High-Tech development center within the Australian Defence Force.            - Ture Sjolander
The Art of Politics 2006
The Floating CarParks
The Floating CarParks
"If your "own" GP don't communicate with  you  with e-mail and he will refer you to a specialist doctor and you can't find one single portrait or any picture of that specialist, or your own GP, on the internet, go and  get yourself another doctor. They must be crocs if they are not to be found."                              -Ture Sjolander