To the Editor Townsville Bulletin 11 December 2005.
You know the "Fort" at  Horseshoebay on the Island has more relevance and significance as a "military sacred" place than the Jezzine area.
The Fort and a number of other spots around the hills there, was actually a pioneering "lookout"  with plenty of people around at the wartime, so let's build the "war-obelisk-memorial" upon that hill instead or why not Palm Island which the editor John Andersen so greatly pointed out a few weeks ago in the Bulletin, being a frontier during the War ll.
I understand that Townsville is running out of land for development so I guess the present council is now  looking to make the Island to a "normal" surburb soon, and not seing Magnetic Island as a totally separate entity, off-shore. And then even the Island shall lose the tourism, we so much is dependent on.
Maybe Thuringgowa can lease or lend some of its waste land, to Mr. Mooney.
Ture Sjolander
(If you wanna use this additional text you are welcome to put it in as an Addendum to my earlier comments)