25 May 2005   Peter LINDSAY MP
Federal Member for Herbert

Dear Ture,
Thank you for coming and see me on Friday 6 May 2005 regarding your proposal to set up an art gallery/or museum at the Kissing Point site in Townsville. I understand that you are seeking funding to undertake a preliminary study as to how this would operate and the whereabouts of artworks and artifacts that could be put on display.
I believe your concept has real merit, and I can advise that there is a program operated by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Transport and Regional Services called Regional Partnerships, which is designed to strengthen and provide greater opportunities for economic and social participation in the community.
I have enclosed some information that is avaliable on the internet at www.regionalpartnerships.gov.au and you will note that the program is administered at a local level through Area Consultative Committees (ACC), details of which can be found at www.acc.gov.au 
The local coordinator of Townsville ACC can be contacted as follows:
Chair: Mr John Honeycombe
Executive: Mrs Leonie Davey
Suite 5a, Level 1, 316 Sturt Street
Townsville QLD 4810
Phone: 07 4772 4166
Fax: 07 4772 4911
Email: admin@nqacc.org.au
Website: www.nqacc.org.au
I trust this has been helpful to you, and I which you all the best in your future endeavors to make this project a reality.
With best wishes.
Your sincerely
Peter Lindsay MP
Federal Member for Herbert